Our Solution

When a person comes to us to ask for our help on solving a tax or estate planning or asset protection issue, we like to be upfront with them about what they can expect, what they reasonably can expect to be a solution in their case. There's a lot of misinformation out there about possible solutions.

We pin it down for the clients, and let them know what the possible range of answers are, and then we do our best to achieve that result. Someone contemplating whether to hire professional help to help with their problem, they know they have a disease or an illness, and they're looking to get additional help. Over the counter remedies probably aren't going to work, and they need the experience of a trained professional to solve their problem. I like to explain my role as being sort of their tax doctor.

Helping You Back To Financial Health

They've caught the IRS disease. They come to us, we can diagnose what kind of disease they have, how serious it is, what a cure might be, and help them do the treatment to help solve the problem for them, and get them where they can wake up in the morning being comfortable, knowing what to expect from the IRS because the IRS knows what to expect from them.

We're able to help our clients obtain practical and cost-effective answers to their problems, because of the breadth and depth knowledge that was gained both in educationally and in practice as attorneys and CPA. We're able to look at their problem and apply all my knowledge and experience in both areas to solve the problem for the client.

Let Us Help Solve Your Tax Issues

Sometimes you work in one area, and it may cause a problem in a different area that if you're not knowledgeable about that other area, you wouldn't be aware of. I think we're able to get a global solution, which allows us to be practical and cost-effective in obtaining solutions for our clients.

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