Tax Attorney Handling All Of Your Tax Disputes And Issues

A tax problem of virtually any type can create significant financial troubles for private citizens, small-business owners, or large companies.

And although many businesses and individuals are aware of their tax issues, they often opt to ignore potential tax problems until they become very real ones or real ones that already exist. Others simply do not see the tax snake pits that they may fall into without proper care and guidance from professionals to solve their tax problems.

Real Solutions To Real And Potential Tax Problems

Contact the Law Office of Stanton D. Goldberg regarding IRS problems, including audits, appeals, collections, and other matters. Stanton D. Goldberg is a tax lawyer and certified public accountant serving clients from throughout Dallas, Collin, Rockwall, and Denton counties. Specific types of tax-related services and issues we assist clients with include:

Compliance Is Key

The process of solving any tax issue begins with compliance. In other words, unless you stop digging yourself into trouble — either by continuing to pay less than you owe or by using today's tax dollars to pay yesterday's tax debt — neither the IRS nor Texas' Comptroller are likely to offer you anything in the way of help. The Law Office of Stanton D. Goldberg shows clients how to stop digging and work with state and federal tax agencies to make arrangements that will get you back on a solid financial ground.

Contact An Experienced Tax Law Attorney

To discuss your personal or business tax issues with an experienced tax law attorney — we invite you to call locally at 972-960-2200 or to contact us at our Dallas, Texas, law offices today.